Manage cross-channel conversations in BotStar

Chat plugin makes it easy to have conversations with your website customers and continue chatting over Messenger, even after they leave the site. It all happens from one singe inbox.

Boost Sales & Productivity With Chatbots

Businesses can provide faster answers to help customers buy with confidence, right in their moment of needs. Making customer service effortless with automated chats.

Earn $1,000 Reward With Facebook Chat Plugin Incentive Program

Install Facebook Chat Plugin to your website and get $1,000 reward if your site traffic reaches 5k+ unique visitors daily. The program lasts until Dec 31, 2021 & opens for all BotStar users.

3 Best Practices To Engage Customers Through Messaging.

This book helps you learn how to engage customers and maximize sales by delivering outstanding service across customer’s buying journey.