Earn $1,000 Reward With Facebook Chat Plugin Incentive Program

Install Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin to your website and get $1,000 reward if your daily site traffic reaches 5k+ uniques. The program lasts until Dec 31, 2021 & opens for all BotStar users.

How Does It Work?

Getting started is easy. Join us in the app and get your reward in a few steps

1. Create an account

We don't ask you to go through a complicated register process or pay for any fees. Just sign up for an account here.

2. Enable chatbots

Set up automated chats & workflows. We offers both Free & Paid plans. What plan you choose doesn't affect you being a part of this program.

3. Install Chat Plugin

Install Live chat to your website with Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin & keep it active during the program period.

4. Earn your rewards

Facebook team will track your website traffic and you’ll get $1,000 reward if it reaches 5,000+ unique visitors daily.
Consider upgrading to Pro? Enter the code BSFB2021 to get one-month free subscription for your first upgrade.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do we launch this Incentive Program?

Partnered with Facebook, we launched this program to help small businesses find a way to connect with customes using our collaborated solution Facebook Messenger and Automation.
Join us to learn how you can create an end-to-end lead generation machine on website and finally make business thrives amid covid 19.

How I can use the BSFB2021 code to get one-month free subscription?

You can upgrade your account from Basic to Pro Plan and unlock all advanced features at no cost by entering the code BSFB2021 at check out. The code is redeemed once per account and only available for your first Pro Plan upgrade. From 2rd month, you can pay us to stay on Pro plan or downgrade and bring your account back to Basic Plan (Free). This doesn't affect you being a part of the program. See how we calculate the Pro subscription fee here.

How can I know if my website traffic reaches 5,000+ unique visitors daily?

There are various ways to measure your website traffic, you can use popular tools like Google Analytic.

How long does this program last?

It lasts from Oct 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021. Only customers who enter this program and meet the +5,000 daily unique website traffic within this time are eligible for the reward.

How can I receive my $1,000 reward?

Facebook will track your website traffic after you install the chat plugin. If it reaches 5,000+ unique visitors daily, we’ll contact you and you’ll receive a $1,000 gift card reward at the end of the campaign (Dec 31, 2021). It could be Amazon gift card that you can spend right away, or $1,000 BotStar subscription credit. We leave the choice to you!

I want to know more about the program, who should I contact?

Please feel free to contact us via info@botstar.com, we are just an email away.

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