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Chatbots for website and Messenger Without Coding

Design and build a chatbot for your business on Messenger and Website. Bring more sales leads in and reduce pain for your customer support team.

Everything you need for chatbots.

A holistic Chatbot Solution

Build your dream chatbot with no coding skills with the help of Visual Flow Editor – the best builder ever!

Powerful Visual Editor

The best conversational editor in the market. Drag and Drop to your heart's content.

Super Easy Installation

Choose a template, clone and publish your first chatbot literally within minutes!

Chatbot on Multi-Platform

Connect your bot to your Websites and Facebook Messenger plus 1,500+ Apps via Integration.

Centralised Inbox

Bring your customer support and social media teams together with BotStar.

Exhaustive Documentation

Learn to build the best conversation agent with BotStar clean documentation.

Too Lazy To Build?

Meeting Your Needs with
70+ Prebuilt chatbot templates

A Chatbot Platform For Everyone.

Why are people using botStar?

Business Owner

Get a chatbot up for your business within minutes. Sit back and enjoy your new virtual employee.

Business Owner

Drag and drop to your heart content. Everything has been pre-built for you.

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Marketing Team

Engage, acquire new customers for business without bothering developers.

Marketing Team

Streamlining new leads and contacts into your existing marketing ecosystem.

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Freelancers & Agencies

Build, publish and manage chatbot for your clients all in BotStar.

Freelancers & Agencies

Build once deploy many, earn massive profit with our well designed business model

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