Template License

Not sure where and how often you can use your BotStar template? This licensing guide is written in the easiest way to understand for you.

This license applies to all templates purchased on the BotStar Template Marketplace.

In other words..
You can use a Paid Template for only one person/business/project. If you want to use the purchased template for a different client or project, then you’ll have to buy another license (by buying the template again). You can customize the template to any degree (adding, altering, or removing text, images, graphics, layout, design, variables etc.) to fit your project’s needs. 

Terms of Use

Transferring and duplicating templates

Template availability

How template works

The design and layout and other features of a chosen or purchased template will  automatically replace the design and layout of a pre-existing project in your account. Templates come as-is and may require customization. It is recommended that template is selected for a new project only.


Intellectual property

By purchasing or choosing a template you agree to these terms and to BotStar’s Terms of Service.