Amazing Chatbot Plans. Prices for everyone.


Get your chatbot up and running. Start collecting your first leads.

100 Chats Monthly



The most powerful Free plan of a chatbot ever.

Website Livechat

Facebook Messenger

Streamlined Inbox


User Attributes & Tags


Unlock branding and must-have features for a business chatbot.

10,000 Chats Monthly



Includes all features in FREE plan plus:

Custom Bot Branding

Human Takeover


CMS Items

Checkpoint Records


Level up your marketing with the features that grow with your bot.

50,000 Chats Monthly



Includes all features in ESSENTIAL plan plus:

Growth Tools

Multilingual Content


Analytics & Insights

On-boarding Campaigns


Handle more complex inquiries with a deeply integrated bot.

1,000,000 Chats Monthly



Includes all features in GROW plan plus:

Smart Keywords

Inline Scripting

HTTP Calls


Custom Webview

Become Conversational Professionals
with our

Account Plans.

BASIC Account starts with

3 Bots

Single Seat

30 Days In-App Support



For Bot Experts who need more bots & premium support.

Unlimited Bots
Ticket Support
In-App Support
Cloning & Templating
Multi Members


$15per member monthly

For Business Employees to collaborate in a streamlined dashboard.

Unlimited Bots
Ticket Support
In-App Support
Cloning & Templating
Starts at $30 / month includes your first 3 Seats.



Customper member monthly

For Agencies to establish a strong brand identity with customers.

← includes TEAM Plan
White-label Dashboard
Custom Sign-In Forms
99.95% Bot Uptime
Priority Support
Dedicated Acc. Manager
Contact Us for Branded App Demo and Quoting.

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Establish A Stronger Brand Identity

For Your Bot Agency

By representing your brand with BotStar’s market-leading end-to-end whitelabel solution for Chatbot Agency. 

  • Fully White-labeled Dashboard
  • SLA Commitment
  • Priority Support and Training
  • Early Features Access
Pricing Frequently asked questions

Q. What is a Chat?

A chat or a conversation consists message exchanges between your bots and the end-users. If the end user have deleted the chat with your bot then the next time he/she talks to the bot again, it will be counted as a new chat.

Chats quota is reset every month for each bot.

Q. What are Seats & Members?

Seats are slots for team members that belong to your organization. Upgrade your account to TEAM plan in order to add or remove members from your organization. 

Team members can collaborate on the same bot and share activities such as answering customer escalations, taking orders or managing bot contents.

Q. Do You Offer Free-Trial?

No, we do not offer Free-trials at the moment. 

How often do you charge?

BotStar will combine all the plans and subscriptions then charge you monthly on the same day that you make your first purchases.

For every subsequent purchases we will also charge you initially by calculating the prorated payable.

Q. Any hidden fees?

No. You will be charged as per listed in the pricing sections according to your subscription plan. Unlike some other platforms that charge you per subscribers or active conversations, BotStar provides fixed pricing with generous quotas.

Q. Can I Downgrade My Plan?

Yes. You can downgrade your plan but the current plan will still be in effect until the next billing date.

You can also cancel your plan at any time as well.

Q. Can I get a copy of a receipt?

Yes. Receipts are stored in the Billing History section of your account. From there, you can print or email a copy of each receipt. 

Q. What about discounts?

BotStar offers a 30% discount to nonprofits and charities. 

If you are a student, please use your .EDU email address to register and get 70% discount on all Bot Plans with provided evidence for your academic status.