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Speed Up the Order Process, Increase Sales for Promotional Campaigns by 3 Times

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About SC Perky Outfit

SC Perky Outfit is a Vietnamese-based online clothing store founded by a fashion enthusiast named Loc. The brand aims at young men who like to wear simple, clean but fashionable items. What makes Loc’s business stand out is that it focuses on comfortability with high quality fabric material.

The Challenge

SC Perky Outfit was running a Pre-order campaign for a new collection. On the first day of the project, the brand received hundreds of messages, which led to the service team being snowed under the work. The inbox was so overloaded that they couldn’t answer all in the day. However, as some customers left the chat after waiting for quite a long time (about half a day) to get replies, the order rate was not as high as expected. Loc realized if his brand kept showing a big delay in the ordering process, they would run the high risk of losing potential customers, and sales.

“I am happy to see people show interest in our pre-order campaign. But it’s really hard to reply all and guide them to the order step…”

The Solution

Loc decided to go for a chatbot. He had actually known it before but was afraid of the robotic shopping experience it might give to the customers. However, giving the jam packed situation the brand was facing, chatbot stood out as the ideal solution.

“We think a bot can help us handle the capacity we got during our pre-order campaign.”

Using BotStar chatbot for a campaign, SC Perky Outfit is able to have simultaneous conversation with many people at the same time. Unlike humans who can only chat with one person at one moment, chatbots are flexible in interacting with different users.

Moreover, since chatbots offer 24/7 conversation, consulting and making orders can be made without any postpone. Even during off-office hours, a bot can give product advice, collect customers’ contact and head them forward to a buying process. The customer service team can only then finalize an order and help solve any questions that require admin assistance.

The Result

Ever since integrating BotStar chatbot into the system, Loc and his team shortly saw a significant result:

  • The profit almost tripled on the third day of the project.
  • 84% satisfaction rating
  • 4.8/5 star over 1076 reviews

“Next time we have promotional campaigns, we would definitely use BotStar. Highly recommend to every e-commerce site like us”