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How a Turkey Local Brand Earned $20k Sales in 1 Month with BotStar

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About Complestify

Beautiful items you can’t find anywhere else.

Complesify is a local brand specializing in making custom shoes for men. The business is owned and managed by the founding family, so they emphasise quality and unique style above all else - Good prices – Outstanding quality.

The Challenge

For a family-size company, they struggled to expand their business outside of the town. And a sudden covid outbreak makes it even harder for them to scale up their business.

Borrowing to open a second location isn’t a good option for now. As they realize that online shopping is very much a part of our daily lives, so do the digital opportunities available.

The brand had an established presence in the social world, but never invested anything to leverage sales. now is a great time to jump in and see how you can get involved in the digital world.

But where do you start?

The Solution

1. Using chatbot along with Ads to sale and boost brand awareness

They decided to invest some money on ads. Even though there are many ways to market your product on social channels, running Click-to-Messenger ads is the easiest and fastest way to see the result.

Right here. They used BotStar to create a Messenger chatbot to showcase their products and what they offer to the world. Upon clicking on the button “Send message” placed on the ads , people were sent into the giveaway flow and became their subscribers.

To make it even more attractive, Complesify also offered people an opportunity to win high quality, tailored shoes with zero dollar. They can win and keep it for themself, or offer to send it to their beloved ones as a gift.

The campaign generated about 5,000 Messenger opt-ins, and built up brand awareness over on Facebook Messenger.

2. Build up lists potential customers

Using chatbot, Complesify was able to build up a list of potentials who were truly interested in their product. For people that were not in the mood to buy at that time, they later use chatbot to retarget these audiences and convince them to buy.

To deal with new Facebook Messenger updates, they also use chatbot to capture customers' email addresses and add them to their newsletter, where from time to time they send their customers an update and coupon via emails on special occasions to stay top of customers’ minds. A tailored shoe is just too perfect as a gift so they hope they could sell more during these times.

3. Optimize order processing

Since they offer tailored shoes, each order is different from the others upon customers’ requirements. It used to take up to 20 minutes to process an order, whether via phone or face-to-face interaction with the staff at the store.

However, people expect a more convenient way when shopping online. They are not willing to wait for the sales rep to call back and spend half of an hour presenting what they want their dream shoes to be like.

By implementing chatbot, Complesify was able to let customers finish the order themself by talking with the bot and answering predefined questions and confirming their request.

It could let users purchase and process payment during the conversations, and customers love it. They finally find a way to save time for both!

The Result

After 1 month using chatbot together with running promotion campaigns, the brand generated 167 orders worth $20k in revenue and was able to boost the brand presence on social. The number of page followers is now up to 10k.

Are you on the fence? It’s time to take the plunge and go digital!

* Disclaimer: Names and events in this article have been modified to preserve BotStar client confidentiality & privacy.