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How a Local Hotel Doubled Their Bookings within 3 Months in the Challenging Time

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Increase in bookings in 3 months


Times saving in operation cost


Positive reviews on website

About Cozy

The Cozy is a mid-sized hotel situated in the heart of the touristic city of Vietnam - Danang. The hotel’s vision is to bring cozy accommodation to visitors who want to experience the local culture. Known as an explorative travel destination, The Cozy combines the concept of local lifestyle with special intimacy that will definitely make you feel like home. The hotel has around 62 rooms in total with different types and services, offers impeccable service and all the essential amenities to travelers.

The Challenge

The Cozy quickly rose to the spotlight due to its unique concept. Since officially coming to operation in late 2019, it attracted over 1500 tourists per month, mostly from abroad. Rooms were full all the time, and people needed to book in advance, ideally 2 weeks before going. It soon became one of the most popular hotels in Danang for foreign visitors.

However, everything turned upside down as the Corona virus blocked all the tourism activities.. The pandemic hit The Cozy hard, as it saw a sharp decline in the number of passengers: The Cozy’s booking in the first quarter of 2020 experienced a decrease of 80% compared to the previous quarter. It still remained open with 30% less of the staff and a special marketing strategy aimed at national customers, since Vietnam tourism got government approval to be back with only domestic travels from May 2020.

To encourage more bookings, The Cozy offered discounts for Vietnamese customers. With the standard quality and reputation, plus impressive promotions, the hotel immediately received huge support from national visitors. As more people visited The Cozy’s website to make reservations and check availability, the processing time sometimes was delayed and the system experienced several lags. Its hotline had troubles in solving customers’ requests, especially in off-work hours.

Long Phan - The Cozy’s owner - realized that he needed an automation tool for customer service and that this tool had to be run on Facebook since the platform is used the most in Vietnam.

“In this way, we can engage more customers on the platform they are using.”

The Solution

Long came to know BotStar from an article in the local newspaper. He was highly interested in BotStar chatbot as it fit perfectly with his requirements.

The Cozy’s staff started building the chatbot in June allowing customers to check availability. They also built their frequently asked questions with the room types, prices, and photos. After customers choose their room, the chatbot shows them some additional services such as local tours, meals, and sauna.

Not stopping at the point, the chatbot collects customer’s selections automatically and sends the confirmation message to them after they have confirmed the details. By agreeing with the confirmation message, the customer can make a reservation quickly inside the chatbot and even pay via Stripe payment.

Instead of answering one by one customer, now the chatbot can answer 15 to 20 visitors at the same time, which helps Long speed up the booking process a lot. The customers also feedback that they do not need to wait for the staff’s response but getting replied quickly makes them very satisfied with the service.

“BotStar Messenger chatbot allows for checking availability, confirmations and other important messages which happen all within a single conversation. Our customers get responses directly from their chat without having to dig through emails or remember website passwords”

The Result

  • 4 times saving in operation cost
  • 2X increase in booking in 90 days

With the chatbot, The Cozy saved their operation cost up to 4 times. Instead of hiring shift staff, the hotel now can use the chatbot which can automatically respond to the customers within some seconds 24/7. They only need a receptionist to make a call to confirm the booking details and greet in-house customers.

A quick and accurate booking process also affects hotel performance. There is double the number of rooms booked and more than 300 bookings were made in 90 days from June to September 2020.

* Disclaimer: Names and events in this article have been modified to preserve BotStar client confidentiality & privacy.