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How Jack & Clara’s New Branch Managed to Grow By Shifting to Online Sales

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Increase in profit since there is no offline staff or in-store operation cost


35,000 monthly visits coming only from the two target markets


Conversion rate increase within only 4 months

About Jack & Clara

Jack & Clara is a clothing brand in Mexico that has collaborated with a manufacturing factory in Bangladesh. Their target customers are teenagers who are young and dynamic. The design is aimed at school outfits and outdoor activities.

Established in 2017, it only took them 2 years to gain popularity among Mexico's teenagers. But they have bigger dreams, their aim is not only to provide clothing to the local market but also global teenagers with various styles and different materials.

In 2019, their R&D departure went to different locations around the world and choose East Asia (Japan and Korea) is their next focus. The vision is to create and design an outfit that has a combination between Eastern and Western countries but still brings a unique personalized character of the person who wears the clothes.

The Challenge

Everything was expected to go alright but the countries’ lockdown and restrictions become a challenge to the firm, they can't run any offline campaign or even join season fairs to show their designed clothes. And due to the new trend of shopping online, they decided to focus on that. The firm had invested more in its websites and ads on social media to attract more customers.

After a few months of executing promotions on social media, stimulating sales, and attracting customers, customers from Japan and Korea finally noticed their brand and started to buy the products through those ads. However, as the number of customers increases day by day, the problems in the ordering process also increase.

Customers constantly asked about the clothes' size, measurement, and the refund process. These questions are simple, but the amount of questions is enormous, so it took the staff a lot of time to solve them all, some cases even took them hours to respond. This has caused the firm to lose a significant number of customers.

Another challenge is that since the number of orders is increasing, it took staff a lot of time to collect order information in the chat and then sync to their database all manually. Staff also need to keep track of the stocks and item details then inform customers back on how many items left they could buy for the designed clothes.

The Solution

With the high demand for using marketing tools to promote their products and supporting tools with ads to help them respond to customers and save the orders automatically, the firm had decided to use BotStar chatbot for their solution.

There are 2 main platforms on which Jack & Clara is based, which are their website and their Facebook page. The firm created a chatbot to automatically reply to their customer’s questions. They use the keywords feature to make the conversation more natural. And with the help of Comment Trigger on their Facebook Page, all the comments of customers are replied to by the chatbot and directed to their inbox. From then on, the customers can continue the conversation with their chosen items inside their messenger.

Since teenagers usually use social media, Jack & Clara run an ads campaign to attract their interest. Just from a clickable link, the customer can direct to their Messenger and start chatting with the chatbot. The firm also attaches the bot landing URL to other social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, and with that, Jack & Clara had gathered customers’ orders automatically everywhere when customers click the links and start conversations with the bot.

The Result

New online orders keep coming up but they now have a far more smooth order processing process, a simple payments processor and an easy-to-use marketing platform to help with Facebook ads and customer support.

The results come surprisingly with the profit doubled within only 4 months for this branch, their online presence increased over time with an estimated 35,000 monthly visitors from Google) with the up-to-date conversion rate was 10%.

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* Disclaimer: Names and events in this article have been modified to preserve BotStar client confidentiality & privacy.