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How a Cosmetics Brand Raised Awareness for a New Product Line with BotStar Chatbot

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People reached Dadachat & knew the new product


More new customers than other campaigns


Increase in profits compared to the previous project

About Dada

Dada Cosmetics is an online beauty shop in the US. Their products consist of makeup, skincare, hair care, and body care products. Some popular products are Moisturizing Lipsticks, Differin Gel Acne Treatment, Double Effect Serum and Phytoactive Hydra-Firm Intense Mask.

The shop categorizes their product based on skin types and they try to bring as much as personalized services to their customers.

The Challenge

Dada Cosmetics was on its way to launch the new product called Oxygenating Cream. Previously, it would run in-store promotional campaigns for several days to encourage purchases and booked influencers to boost the new products on social media. However, for this strategic launch to celebrate the brand’s 2nd anniversary, they wanted to have a differentiated marketing campaign: offering online coupons that could only be redeemed in-store. They thought this way could help them reach a huge amount of customers on social media, generating new leads, while driving purchases to the store and reducing the cost of influencer marketing.

The Solution

Dada Cosmetics immediately thought of using a chatbot for this product campaign. They were in search of an automation solution that works on Facebook Messenger - the channel that their customers are already on. Plus, this tool needed to be able to create engaging dialogues with the customers and track their behaviours. They chose BotStar after some searches and reading online site’s reviews.

BotStar worked with DaDa Cosmetics to create a chatbot named Dadachat. Dadachat introduced the customers to the new Oxygenating Cream, walked them through the guidance to download e-coupons, and showed the way to the store location.

To optimize the campaign, the brand ran ads on Facebook and pushed relevant content to potential customers. People who were interested in the ads would be directed to Dadachat to receive a coupon and guided to the store’s map to get the products.

Dadachat allowed the brand to track their customers’ behaviour using Google Sheet Integration, so they were able to get insights on the effectiveness of the campaign and collect customers’ data for future projects.

The Result

The online-to-offline communication marketing that Dada Cosmetics adopted effectively turns leads into customers and leverages the shopping experience. They not only attracted new customers, created product awareness, but also increased sales and stored their customers’ contacts for future reference.

Dada Cosmetics succeeded in driving more than 120,000 customers to the new product campaign, with over 80,000 chatbot click throughs. The brand generated 37% more new customers than other campaigns. Over 57,000 e-coupons were downloaded, and the campaign’s profit grew by 32% compared to the previous one’s.

* Disclaimer: Names and events in this article have been modified to preserve BotStar client confidentiality & privacy.