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How Chatbot Helped Marketing Agency Increase Customers Satisfaction Up To 96%

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Of customers are satisfied and willing to refer the service to their friends


Increase in new onboarding customers with BotStar campaign


Positive feedbacks on the homepage

About GoDigital

GoDigital is a young marketing agency based in Switzerland. The agency offers comprehensive strategies and solutions custom-fit to your business from start to finish. Established in 2017, GoDigital has contributed high quality marketing service for more than 45 S&M businesses so far.

The Challenge

Having been working with many customers, they were able to spot a problem that most ecommerces are facing: They spend a ton of money on ads to drive traffic to their site, but fail to engage visitors. Visitors leave and never come back.

Regardless of the size of business, when looking to hire a marketing agency, all of the customers are always working toward the same goal: find a better way to market & sell their products within their budget.

The right agency offers what their customers need. They were looking for a best solution to generate leads and boost conversion rate but still fit small-to-medium-sized businesses budgets.

The Solution

1. Find a better solution for conversion rate by using BotStar

Isn't it odd that you spend a ton of money on ads to drive traffic to your site, but put no effort to convert them?

Understanding this struggle, Go Digital decided to add chatbot to help their clients automate the initial steps of the sales & marketing process.

In this case, they create a fully customizable chatbot for each of their clients to automatically talk with the client’s visitors, it triggers the conversation and asks them a few questions to understand what they’re looking for, suggest a suitable product or point them to the best place to find it. Clients can sell products or services straight through chatbot and capture every sale.

2. Chatbot can keep customers on the site longer

They add a lot of options in the chatbot based on the clients requests.

  • Add a tailored video that demonstrates the client’s services.
  • Encourage visitors to read testimonials from happy customers.
  • Show pricing, help visitors find the shop on a map easily
  • Ask them to fill out a form to ask a question or request a quote.
  • Encourage them to click over to client’s social media sites.

“BotStar has the power to jump-start your marketing efforts for the better. Your clients will love it”

3. A sustainable and affordable chatbot solution

Using BotStar helps Go Digital expand their marketing offers while still keeping their service affordable and attractive to more S&M. The platform only makes you pay for what brings you revenue. Their clients are happy.

AI solution usually take work, but what makes Go Digital choose BotStar is the easy-to-use side of the platform. It just takes the staff a few hours to finnish a bot and they can even save it as templates and reuse it for other clients who are in the same field and customize it a bit based on their clients requirements. The team can now even have more spare time to work on other sides of the project.

“The drag and drop visual flow editor and detailed documentations make it easy to update the bot and fix things. So at some point my customers won’t need to contact me to do things for them. They can do a little bit more themselves to cut down maintenance cost.”

The Result

After 9 months using BotStar, Go Digital agency has achieved:

  • 96% of the customers are satisfied and willing to refer the service to their friends.
  • 28% increase in new onboarding customers
  • 40 positive feedbacks on his company homepages

”BotStar helps us make all that possible for our client. A super smart chatbot solution can now be accessible to small and medium businesses with a very limited budgets”

* Disclaimer: Names and events in this article have been modified to preserve BotStar client confidentiality & privacy.