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How BotStar Chatbot Helped to Generate $550K in Massive Appsumo Campaign

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Conversations during 1 month


Decrease in customer support workload


Rating reviews from the customers

While the benefits for the company that uses chatbots include reducing costs (your live chat support staff bill could be much lower), the real winner will be your customers. Here’s how a chatbot enhances customer experiences, especially during a massive Appsumo Campaign.

About BotStar

BotStar is a powerful messaging solution that offers free live chat and chatbot for streamlined customer interactions. Founded in 2017, BotStar is well loved for its intuitive visual flow editor to quickly build an efficient chatbot with various features. BotStar want to empower your business and connect you with the customers through a conversation automation system - live chat and chatbot.

The AppSumo Challenge

BotStar was a young startup, (and is still young now) on its second birthday, the Appsumo deal was set up. With a team of less than 10 people, we had to make sure the Customer Support worked 24/7 during one month serving more than 5,000 customers. So, you could imagine how big the workload was.

Once the deal launched, the website traffic increased significantly which brought both excitement and nervousness to the team. 4x higher in website traffic volume in comparison with before the Appsumo is such an achievement as well as a challenge. Moving along with that was a ton of questions from prospects and customers. People were so curious about the deal and the app’s capacity. In fact, almost all customers from Appsumo have a technical background so they could learn the app so fast and threw so many questions every single day. As an application builder, this was such a pleasure to see your customers were valued and creative ones. However, on the other hand, they also gave you “tough” questions and evaluated your product and every of its features.

The Solution

1. Support customers via omnichannel live chat

The features you add to your chatbot largely depend on your industry and business model. If you’re running an e-commerce business, one of the best steps you can take is to provide fast response to customers and assist them in making a purchase.

With the omnichannel live chat, BotStar has enhanced their user experience and driven better relationships with audiences across points of contact. In other words, your chatbots can essentially replicate the experience of speaking with an in-store associate — but with much faster service. For example, the chatbots could send automated order confirmations and enable Stripe Payment for transactions. Sounds awesome, right?

2. Your staff may need to sleep but the bot doesn’t

Customers raised concerns in a different time zone than our working hours, so we needed to find a way to support our customers at times when our customer success staff weren’t available. Chatbots helped handle frequently asked questions, gave customers the opportunity to get answers to their questions at any time, so they didn't have to wait for a reply in a long time.

BotStar chatbot can also offer the customer the feeling of talking to a live operator.

3. Arrange customers’ requests in queue

Our inbox was flooded with hundreds of messages everyday, and it would be troublesome for us to manage the inbox without the help of chatbot. BotStar chatbot put messages in order, so we could better serve the customers and followed up with them.

The chatbot flexibility allows them to engage with customers on many different levels. It can act as the customer's primary resource for technical support, account management, or sales information. Chatbots can also be designed with different types of conversational styles, from precise and technical to friendly and helpful or snarky and humorous. The various types of “personalities” available with chatbots will keep customers coming back and re-engaging with the brand.

As a chatbot platform, BotStar chose its tone as an informative and friendly bot. By handling 10k convos during one month launch, this could be considered as a wonderful choice for BotStar bot.

No one could deny the great performance from the BotStar customer success team, but chatbots contributed to their success a huge irreplaceable part. You may try it yourself to gain the same or an even better experience.