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Building Awareness and Engage Communities in Times of Crisis with Bot

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Queries resolved after 4 months using SAM - NCOV chatbot


User has been supported in 15000 conversations


Conversation handled without agent

About Whiz

Whiz is a marketing agency based in The Philippines. Its vision is to leverage businesses in the digital world through intuitive solutions and marketing automation.

Whiz has helped hundreds of companies and organizations to define business strategy, craft designs, and measure their marketing effectiveness. Through Whiz solutions, they aim to connect businesses’ goals to reality.

The Challenge

The covid-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life over the world and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, the economy, and the work of the world.

Amid the global pandemic that has brought regular life to a halt, crisis hotlines faced an unprecedented need. The hotline of the local healthcare center was overloaded by an influx of patients infected with the virus. The disruption of in-person support systems due to social distancing left the crisis hotline in danger.

Moreover, the support staff had difficulties in checking on people’s health status. It took them a long time to ask questions back and forth to identify who was infected. The longer the process, the worsen the situation.

The Solution

In view of the recent turn of events and quarantine, while the whole industry, governments, and doctors are sacrificing their lives on the front lines, there has never been a more pressing need for agencies, like Whiz, to step out of the comfort zone and take action.

Whiz has collaborated with the Philippine National Healthcare Organization to start a community project providing an AI-empowered chatbot for health agencies, local government units, and audit government health organizations.

SAM – NCOV Bot PH (Suitable Aid for Medical needs) - powered by BotStar - was developed to automatically answers questions 24/7 about the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, symptoms, online consultation, find nearest hospitals, or important national updates. It can communicate in 16+ Philippine local dialects.

SAM - NCOV chatbot collects data from people and uses this information to spread knowledge about the pandemic. The chatbot is preferred because it can minimize the risk of misinformation, give accurate and timely responses.

Based on the data collected, it can give the best course of action that one should take given the symptoms they are experiencing. It keeps track of their contacts, and also provides people with the latest information (infected cases, restricted areas…)

“SAM chatbot helps reduce traffic congestion in the crisis hotline and enable institutions to focus their efforts on more critical tasks” - Whiz said.

The Result

Within 4 months using SAM - NCOV chatbot:

  • Resolved 2000+ queries
  • Supported 5000 users in 15000 conversations
  • Local government award