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A Businessman Generated $150k in Revenue with a Bot

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Increase in conversation rate


Of revenue increase within 3 months


Return on investment

About Process Doctor Academy

Process Doctor Academy is an educational organization that provides online courses for professionals & business owners. Their mission is to help learners develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through their Internationally-Approved Lean Six Sigma courses that are affordable and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Established in 2008, Process Doctor Academy has helped build up the skills and empower quality control knowledge that helps improve your business procedures for thousands of learners.

Learn how Reggie and Process Doctor Academy empower their learners with his online course by visiting his homepage and website.

The solution - It’s time for change!

Reggie found BotStar chatbot offer through a marketing site and then decided to give it a try.

There may be a big variety in Chatbot development platforms out there offering the same service. However, BotStar allows you to have your DIY chatbot. The platform in overall and the way each feature is designed is so easy to use, thus, even if you’re not a tech wizard and haven’t had a single touch with chatbot before, you can still spend a few hours to learn and to complete your very first chatbot for your real business.

We’re entering a new world of conversation interactions, with chatbots on the front line.

Reggie started to build the very first chatbot for himself with a little support from the BotStar team and it was a big success.

If you visit Joe’s company homepage, you will immediately see a bot with a welcome message “Hope you're doing well. I'm SigmaBot, your Digital Assistant” This way allows him to trigger conversation with customers and provide them support services right away.

The chatbot contains all the information related to the Six Sigma and all available courses, his training video, FAQ sections, detailed pricing for each course etc. so you can have enough information about what course you should enroll in. It works best for first-time customers and anyone who are too busy to seek information themselves. You can also find a promotion coupon he put out there to support learners during this Covid 19 pandemic.

“Seeing a glimpse of what it can do, I thought I could help other businesses with it as well, by offering chatbot marketing services after I do for my own online academy”

The entire process can be boiled down into using chatbot. But this doesn’t negate the fact that humans are still needed to handle more involved issues. For those who are not able to find answers themself or want direct support, he designed a button “Support Service” through the conversation to make it easy to navigate and seek help whenever you want. By implementing chatbot, he can offer customers valuable content immediately and never leave his customers on their own.

Chatbot also collects user information like name and email to make sure his sales and support team can get back to customers when they are available, and automate the first step of the sales process.

It takes work off their hands so Reggie and his team can focus on building new courses and what matters more.

“It is very user friendly and intuitive. I was able to navigate through the interface and was able to build my chatbot in a breeze.”

The Result

3 months after he took an initial approach by applying AI chatbot to his sales & support process using BotStar, his company has been able to hit the home run with unexpected results.

  • 3x conversion rate
  • $150k in revenue
  • 300x return on investment

"Blessed that we’ve earned more than $150k on our courses the past 3 months, with Botstar chatbot as the front-end sales."

The Future Unfold

We strongly believe that Reggie and Process Doctor will keep moving forward to their goals: bring learners to success with knowledge and skills needed to optimize their working processes.

He will do many more things and hope BotStar can be on the journey with him. Can’t wait to share more stories about BotStar and Reggie with people out there!