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A Businessman Generated $150k in Revenue with a Bot

We’ve earned more than $150k on our courses the past 3 months, with Botstar chatbot as the front-end sales & it has now also helped on our Support as well.

How a Turkey Local Brand Earned $20k Sales in 1 Month with BotStar

Using chatbot, Complesify was able to build up a list of potentials who were truly interested in their product.

Speed Up the Order Process, Increase Sales for Promotional Campaigns by 3 Times

Since chatbots offer 24/7 conversation, the order process can be made without any postpone.

How a Local Hotel Doubled Their Bookings within 3 Months in the Challenging Time

With only 20% of their staff compared to before the pandemic, Long still can run his business smoothly.

How BotStar Chatbot Helped to Generate $550K in Massive Appsumo Campaign

By handling 10k convos during one month launch, this could be considered as a wonderful choice for BotStar bot.

How Chatbot Helped Marketing Agency Increase Customers Satisfaction Up To 96%

Go Digital decided to add chatbot to help their clients automate the initial steps of the sales & marketing process.

How Jack & Clara’s New Branch Managed to Grow By Shifting to Online Sales

The results come surprisingly with profit increase double since there's no offline staff or in-store operation cost.

Chatbot Power - 90% Customers Are Happy with Daily Lift Yoga & Fitness center

83% of people said they are willing to recommend this class to others after a short survey via chatbot.

Building Awareness and Engage Communities in Times of Crisis with Bot

SAM - NCOV chatbot collects data from people & uses this information to spread knowledge about pandemic.

How a Small Business Boosted Retention Rate by 23% with BotStar

Customer feedback that they are satisfied with the support and the waiting time is less than before.

How a Cosmetics Brand Raised Awareness for a New Product Line with BotStar Chatbot

Dada runs the ads campaign & with a click, customers will be redirected to a chatbot to view products.

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