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Preparing Yourself For The Release Of BotStar App Store

1. Overview

Like Google Play or Apple Store that we’re all familiar with, we have different apps for different tools you need to complete manual tasks and to be successful right in the BotStar App Store.

With a section dedicated to business apps, our App Store makes it simple for third-party developers to make their favorite apps available to BotStar users. BotStar users can easily discover, learn, and connect apps designed for use by a wide variety of external developers around the world. 

2. How will users benefit from our App Store? 

We know most businesses out there want to automate every part of their daily working processes. When you find yourself spending hours figuring out which tools integrate to BotStar, or how to do it, it likely means there is a gap that should be bridged, and that you must have a wide range of apps that integrate well with BotStar. 

Here in the App Store, you can find new pieces of software you need, configure them effortlessly to connect with BotStar and automate your work with only a few clicks. Whether your goal is to stop manually complete tasks between tools, ensure the seamless integration of systems to capture contacts, leads, or to automate marketing activities, we’ve got the right solutions to help you do so. 

3. How to get your favorite apps listed in the BotStar Appstore? 

Every new tool we add to our store should go through an internal review process and they should be potential to be used for a long time period. 

Third-party developers are welcome to create apps that they find useful to BotStar users. We are more than happy to connect you to the production team for further assistance 🙂 

You will need to submit and manage your apps for sale on the App Store (if any). Prepare your materials for the app before submitting a build to us. Provide all the required information about your app including: 

No.1 Video demo

No.2 Flow Example 

No.3 How to guide

Check the materials carefully because it’ll cost both of us a lot of time to edit the information back and forth after you distribute the materials and it’s uploaded through our App Store.

For additional information on how to enter in the BotStar App Store, see our instruction here , or contact our support team for help via support@botstar.com.

4. How to install an app from the BotStar App Store?

Installing an app from the Store is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. Here is the how-to preview

Since this is a beta, not everything will be perfect yet. But with your help, we can make the BotStar App Store as diverse and easy to use as possible. 

Your feedback & requests are very welcomed and encouraged at support@botstar.com

Stay tuned for the official launch!

Krystal D

Krystal.D is the Growth Marketer at BotStar working with businesses to stimulate their growth through conceptualizing, implementing, and optimizing marketing strategies. In her free time, she is a hug fan of her cats and swimming pools.