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Level up your order/booking system with BotStar Checkpoint feature!

1. A quick way to share your bot without publishing on Facebook/Website!

Finally you can quickly share your bot with your colleagues, customers & friends without the need to publish on such platforms as Facebook/Other Websites. You can now share directly via BotStar. All you have to do is publish your bot and click the “Sharing” button on your dashboard. A URL will then be immediately available to you so that you can demonstrate your bot with your clients. If you do so wish to share directly via Facebook/Email/Twitter and get quick feedback from your colleagues & friends, be assured that we have also made this possible with ease. Check out our app here and start sharing your bot!

2. Send follow-up messages after 24 hours since the user’s last interaction!

We’ve made it easier for you to send unlimited follow-up messages after 24 hours since the user’s last interaction. Previously, following the Facebook rule, you could not reply to users who didn’t interact with your bot after 24 hours. Now, however, you can do that with BotStar. This improvement will allow you to keep track of your orders/booking and keep in touch with customers who didn’t respond to your bot.  For example, you may send updates about shipping & delivery, send order reminders or ask about a customer’s status.
Send follow-up messages in BotStar Inbox

3. Capturing the “last user’s response” feature is now available.

This feature gives you the ability to use the value of the last user’s response in the flow editor, JSON API and Scripting blocks to keep a conversation flowing continuously with your users. You can choose from a variety of options for the last user’s response that is best suited to your needs. Below is an example of how to use the last user’s response in your app.
Use the value of the last user’s response in the flow editor

4. Bring your order/ booking system to the next level with BotStar Checkpoint

Our new Checkpoint feature helps you manage your customer data more easily, so you can bring your order/ booking system to the next level. Checkpoint is an easy-to-use feature that automatically collects and saves user’s data during the conversation between the bot & users. Better still, with integration tools, you can send your checkpoint data to other CRM services (HubSpot, Zendesk…) to manage them efficiently. Checkpoint is extremely useful for transactional data such as deals, bookings or orders. For example, when a new customer places an order with your store, their details are automatically saved to your checkpoint. Depending on the circumstances, you can also manually add, edit, or delete this information. Learn more about how to use Checkpoint in our guide.
Automatically collects and saves user’s data with BotStar Checkpoint

5. Power your chatbot with BotStar by Keyword

Users often chat with your bot through different communication styles. It’s hard to predict what your users are going to say with bot. For this reason, our new Keyword feature is the best way to help your bot know what and how to respond. You can manually include additional statements or questions to the original script in your chatbot. Our Keyword also introduces a new Priority Order system that allows the bot user to decide which rule will take first priority to respond to. Due to cases where the inserted key words match many rules, this system allows for a better bot response mechanism and more flexibility for the bot owner to manage their own keywords. Learn about our new Keywords here to understand when & how to use them to empower your chatbot.
Power your chatbot with BotStar by Keyword

6. Multiple Collaborators Mode

To help you and your collaborators work together effortlessly when building your chatbot, we added the collaboration realtime mode into BotStar app. This feature allows you to be notified if someone else is also accessing/editing your bot, to avoid losing work or causing conflicts in the bot design. Check out the full guide regarding collaborators here!
Multiple Collaborators Mode in BotStar

7. Other Updates

We have rectified some issues regarding bugs in order to improve your experience, allowing a smoother process when building your bot. You can see the list of the bug fixes and improvements here. We appreciate the feedback we receive from you each day. At BotStar, we’re constantly working to make your BotStar experience better!

Krystal D

Krystal.D is the Growth Marketer at BotStar working with businesses to stimulate their growth through conceptualizing, implementing, and optimizing marketing strategies. In her free time, she is a hug fan of her cats and swimming pools.