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How Will Chatbots Affect Customer Service?

Chatbot is an awesome solution for automatic purchasing conversations and supporting customers. No one can deny that applying a bot on your website or Facebook page would increase sales, reduce costs and enhance customer’s satisfaction. If you haven’t heard about this, this article is for you!

You may wonder why you need a chatbot? Let me walk you through 12 reasons before deploying one or two bots for yourself to have a better customer service:

1. Provide immediate response.

You can easily set up a chatbot with suitable answers for common questions. Especially with BotStar chatbots, everyone can be a chatbot builder. No need codes to build a smooth flow which could keep your chat users stay and stimulate them to take action. 

Fast response 

In today’s fast pace era, a chat user may send messages to several stores at a time. So, who gets back sooner could be the winner. Besides, if customers text you out of working hours, they have to wait hours which is not cool at all. They may lose their interest in your product or service before you get back to them. Having staff to keep your service 24/7 is extremely expensive. Chatbots would be a suitable, simple solution. 

Very Positive Feedback 

Besides, you’ll get a blue badge denoting a “Very Positive Feedback” rating on your business page, so people will find it very likely to text your page. Chatbot will give customers the information they need which means the purchase can be done regardless of time. 

2. Capture customers’ info easily.

If your chat users are from a Facebook page, their names, phone numbers and emails will be captured by the bot after only one click. Your potential customers don’t need to take time to fill in a form by themselves. With chatbot, all stages are combined in just one step: when chat users type a message or click on any button. If chat users leave their info public, you’ll get them saved in the Audience section. 

From there, you may use other features, such as the Campaign to send promotions or follow-up messages to enhance customers’ satisfaction or up-sell. In addition, with the email list, you may reach out to your audience with very low cost.

3. Achieve higher open and click through rates than emails.

20% vs. 2%

Chatbots would bring you some impressive rate: 80% opening rate versus 20% of which on emails. The click-through rate is even better with 20% while this rate on emails is just 2%. Just imagine x4 for opening messages and x10 of interacting with chatbots happen to your business. The conversation rate will definitely climb up the hill. 

Flash sale support

At BotStar, you could use the feature called Broadcast to a vast number of people. Let’s take a closer look at its function, you may set up a different time to send the mess. It could be 2 hours later or 7 days later since the last message of the conversation. So, a friendly reminder of the new collection or a flash sale could reach your current customers easily.

Also, you may divide the audience into several segmentations so you could send a suitable message to them. With the rate mentioned above, now, you could expect a positive result. Why? Because Messenger is an intimate space where people talk to their friends and family. As your message is short and sweet, engaging and fun, your conversation rate is promising. 

4. Integration with many third-party services.

If you thought chatbots limit to sending simple text and image messages, think again! BotStar chat bots allow you to integrate with all types of software into your bots so you could easily enhance user experience to have a better customer service. 

Integrate with CRM platform

For example, if you want to use a CRM platform, you could do it in several simple steps by using Zapier or SpotHub integrations. With the support from the third-party, you may create a special experience not only for chat users but also for yourself. Reaching out to customers has never been so convenient like now!

5. Reduce operating costs.

There are certain customer interactions that you can easily allow chatbots to handle automatically. One of the most important things is to serve your prospects immediately before others do. A chatbot can do preliminary work to figure out which leads are the most promising, and then redirect these potential customers to your staff to close the deal. 

This working process could prevent unqualified leads from taking the sales team valuable time. As a result, the cost will be saved dramatically. 

6. Custom personalized experience.

Forget about boring your customers and prospects with long marketing emails or huge blocks of text. With chatbots, you are able to send out brief messages. This is more informal, conversational style can also include compelling highlights, such as GIFs and images.

You can even customize these messages with personal information, like username, gender to make them more noticeable Interacting with simple messages is more fun than reading lengthy emails. So, customer experience will be more personalized and interesting. 

7. Convert commenters on the page into subscribers.

Without chatbots, it’s not very likely to get potential customers’ information. But, with the help from BotStar chatbots, the bot will reply to commenters. It also sends a message to them, no matter how big the workload is. 

From Interacted Users into Paying Customers 

Thanks to the message, if chat users click on a button or type anything, the bot will automatically get all data which is public on the Facebook accounts. Soon, you will have a completely new and extremely effective organic growth strategy that will allow you to turn interacted users on the page into paying customers

8. Save advertising costs.

Metrics like the cost-per-click and conversion cost tend to drop significantly as businesses move their Facebook ads destination from websites to the Messenger. Instead of redirecting customers to the landing page, they will be taken to the Messenger. 

At BotStar chatbots, we have seen a greater satisfaction amongst customers when switching to this seamless advertising experience. 

9. Increase interoperability. 

Not only interacting with customers, but also suggesting the right option to them, chatbots are currently bringing a unique and entertaining experience to chat users. That means, unlike other forms of marketing tools, chatbots could keep customers entertained for longer.

Up-sell and Cross-sell

For example, you want to capture the attention of customers by presenting a video. While this video can be incredibly engaging, at the end, all the messages or information viewers get will just stop there. With chatbots, the experience could be different. 

After watching the video, chat users could be stimulated to take the action of choosing a suitable product and completing the purchase. Chatbots will keep showing the short, natural messages to guide the conversation to the result you have expected. 

Basically, chatbots have the ability to sell under two strategies Up-sell and Cross-sell through personalization conversations and interactions. 

10. Expand your outreach for more audiences.

As chatbots operate on Facebook pages and websites, they can reach a huge number of people. The more audiences your chatbots would talk, the more sales your business would get. Remember that talking to a bot can be immediate and interesting conversations. 

Segment your Audience

You may also use the Tag feature to segment audiences into several groups according to their living place, for example. Then, operators could send out suitable messages or campaigns for each segmentation. The more you understand the segmentation, the better result you could get. Let’s say you send out a message to congratulate on the Lunar New Year for customers who are from China, Korea or Vietnam would gain positive points for your customer service. 

11. Collect and analyze data from customers.

In fact, no one wants to spend their time completing a survey without motivations. Chatbots have made it easier to gather customers’ info by asking a series of questions while conversing in a very natural way. 

In addition, by integrating with Zapier, chatbots could transfer data to another CMS application. The app would help to analyze data and present out deeper insights of customers’ wants and needs. From there, you can adjust your marketing strategy to satisfy customers and create more inbound marketing options. 

12. Coding free chatbots.

You may notice that with BotStar chatbots, you do not need to know coding to build one for your site or page. With the visualized flow, it’s very likely to drag and drop any block into the flow. This chatbot brand is such a comprehensive bot that makes it easy to build, develop and refine an automated system to tackle queries and generate leads. 

The template site with more than 75 samples, detailed documentation will help you to have a bot in just a-day. Let’s start to collect your audience right now with the Basic pricing plan for $0 per month. BotStar chatbots can:

–       Create conversations with your own tongue of language.

–       Provide promotions depending on customers’ needs.

–       Continue a flow with the Fallback block feature, reduce the Dead-end conversation.

–       Send out suitable messages by catching keywords from chat users’ messages.

–       Integrate with many apps.

–       Make payments directly with Stripe.

–       Etc. Let’s check it yourself right here .

Messaging apps have become the top place for every brand to reach customers. So, it’s not surprising that chatbot is becoming more and more popular. By implementing chatbots for your marketing strategy, you will surely find it easier to learn the target audience, adjust the marketing efforts, reach new customers and monetize sales channels. Your customer service will be at the new level with higher customer satisfaction thanks to chatbots. 

Jess P

Jess.P is a Content Creator at BotStar who is excited by creating read and watch content as much as she enjoys consuming it. In her spare-time, she can be found with a camera and notebook ready to document her surroundings.