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5 Simple Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement for Business Page (2020 Facebook Algorithm Updated)

Marketers are now facing a big challenge: the decline in post reach due to Facebook’s new algorithm.
Facebook has recently changed its algorithm, which makes a huge impact on how business pages interact with their audience. The more people get to know your post, the more likely they will take action (like, comments or share). The more engagement your organic content receives, the higher Facebook will value your post. (and reward it with reach!)
In this blog, we will walk you through the new Facebook algorithm and how to set your posts up for greater engagement according to the platform’s updated rules.

Get to know how 2020 Facebook works

As of beginning 2020, Facebook organic reach for an average post floated around 5.02%. This means out of 20 followers, only 1 sees the non-paid content. To big brands with thousands of followers, the organic post reach can be even lower.
Why do we mention “reach” while the blog focus is about “engagement”? That is because Facebook reach has a significant impact on users’ engagement. The more people get to know your post, the more likely they will take action (like, comments or share). The more engagement your organic content receives, the higher Facebook will value your post.
The new Facebook algorithm is specifically designed to present users with the most relevant content. The app measures the relevance based on various factors with these 3 following as the most important:

  • Engagement: Whether the people take action after seeing your post.
  • Who posted it: Whether the publisher is the one whom you had engagement with. If your posts typically get high engagement, your future one is likely to receive higher reach, and vice versa.
  • Post age: Whether the post is just a minute or 5 days ago. The more present the post is, the more likely people will see it.

Facebook will mark all these criteria and show the posts in the users’ feed from highest to lowest according to the score tallied.
It then shows your post to the small group of high-scored fans. If they engage well with the post, the platform will show it to larger audiences.
This proves the key importance of engagement to Facebook operating systems.
2020 Facebook gives users direct control on what they see, as shown on the new button “why am I seeing this post”. This encourages businesses to create meaningful interactions and spark conversations.
Below are 5 useful tips to make your post resonate, therefore increasing your Facebook page’s engagement.

1. Generate users interactions

High-valued engagement posts prompt users to share their opinions. But sometimes, we forget to offer them the chance to do so. Adding a call-to-action sentence or a question into your post will invite them to join the conversation and get involved.
BotStar engagement post example
You can share blog posts or create a poll to ask for your audience’s opinions. If you run a Facebook page for your clothing store, raise a question for users to pick their preferred name for a new collection, for example.
Don’t forget to reply to their comments, too. Another cool way to provoke user engagement is to respond with your admin name. This adds a personal touch to your comments. A psychological research published on Forbes points out that 72% of consumers only engage with personalized messaging.
Next time you reply to a user’s comment, try to add their name (for instance, Dear X {user’s name} … – John from Y {your brand’s name} ). This makes them feel not only heard, but also like they’re chatting with a friend, not to a business page.

2. Visualize your content

No one likes to read a full-length plain text without supporting images and lively tools. Facebook recently adjusted their video ranking to prioritize authentic, high quality videos. The below principles are updated to strengthen the video distribution:

  • Loyalty and intent: Facebook puts more emphasis on videos that people search for and return after weeks.
  • Video and viewing duration: Engaging videos need to be over 3 minutes long.
  • Originality: Facebook limits monetized or distributed videos and focuses more on value-added content.

Posting videos on your Facebook page gets almost 60% higher engagement than other kinds of posts, and that’s perfectly an ideal way to adopt the video into your Facebook marketing strategy. However, take those above factors into account when it comes to video posting. Efforts to link a video from an external source like Youtube will degrade your ranking in users’ feed.
You can also take your videos up a notch by going live. Facebook live video is reported to increase 6 times engagement than regular videos. Through live conversation, your brand can give informal, human connection while offering the customers attractive one-time promotions.

3. Make you Facebook content mobile-friendly

According to Stasticta, as of July 2020, 98.3% Facebook users access the social channel via mobile phones. With the increasing number of customers visiting your page using smartphones, it’s important to optimize your content page to be mobile friendly.
A short and attention-grabbing caption can help people get straight into the full message we want them to take away. Users don’t have to think about how to get to your content. Instead, they should be easy to read and clickable. A caption around 40 and 80 characters is reported to capture maximum engagement, according to Buffer.

4. Have an active Facebook group

Facebook Community group is a great place to build a loyal and engaged brand community. During the F8 Facebook Developer conference last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced the shift of the social network to focus on groups since it “brings people with the same interests together”. Customers would be more willing to share their thoughts if they know lots of like-minded people are here to do the same and listen to them.
Creating an active Facebook group can help raise awareness about your main business page. Posting and commenting to the group discussion using your page account encourages people to check out your main page. Also, high engagement on Facebook groups leads to high ranks of your page post in the users’ feed since they are linked together.

BotStar chatbot community group for bot builders and users
BotStar chatbot community group for bot builders and users

5. Avoid engagement bait

While it is engaging to ask users for their opinions, asking for likes and shares actually does more harm than good. Attempting to get artificial engagement through irrelevant content is considered as an engagement bait, for example “Tag a friend who likes camping trips” or “Comment yes to win a prize”. Facebook will demote any posts or pages using this tactic.
Instead of these baits, add meaningful questions at the end of the post like “How do you all think about it?” or “Have you ever been on a trip like this before?”… These will not only boost user interactions, but also make your post valued by the Facebook team.
Adjusting your Facebook marketing strategy according to the Facebook algorithm makes your content surface, targeted and appealing. By combining high quality content, consistent posting and these above approaches, you can build a strong and engaging customer relationship, thus increasing revenue.

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