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How To Effectively Handle Requently Asked Questions Using Chatbot?

A FAQ bot is a chatbot that answers the most frequent inquiries that your customers may have. No matter the industry, customer support team find themselves spending hours a day dealing with the same frequently asked questions – what products do you offer? How can I purchase? How is the refund process? 

Instead of having a dedicated staff to take care all these questions manually, you can employ a FAQ bots so your staff won’t have to go it alone.

Case in point: Create a FAQ chatbot to handle these repeated questions.

Here are the results that our customers are able to achieve after implementing chatbots. 

  • 40% tickets handled. Your customer service chatbots can handle 40 to 60% of tickets without human intervention. 
  • Unlimited inquiries. Chatbots can learn and answer unlimited FAQs.
  • 99.5% uptime: Always online, never turns up late, needs a vacation or gets sick. 
  • 0.55 Second: On average, our FAQ chatbot answers queries within one second.

1. How chatbot can help handle frequently asked questions?

Chatbot as your FAQ page. 

Every time a customer asks you a question, you need to decide whether it is something that other customers may ask or find interesting and useful to know. The next step is building and training your FAQ chatbot to answer questions. It’s as simple as that.

Today, there is a range of platforms available for you to build bot. The right level of chatbot functionality should be picked depending on each use case.

If you’re new to chatbot, you may consider using BotStar. Its no-code management suite is easy-to-use, even without any technical knowledge. It comes pre-built with a comprehensive set of key management features.

Powered by latest AI technologies with NLP integration, BotStar can help you deliver a leading support experience without any of the complicated bits. 

Chatbot as your across channels sales & support staff.

Your chatbot can take care of customers on various channels at once. It helps eliminate the chaos of promoting your products and services with an always-available knowledge base. 

As Facebook reported, by the end of 2018, 78% of the world’s smartphone users will message every month. And the growth is only expected to continue. By 2021, it’s predicted that the global user base for mobile messaging apps will have risen by a further 23%. 

Also, messaging businesses are the new normal with the rise of so many messaging apps. 

  • Website live chat
  • Full-page takeover
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat 
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram

You can arm them with the powerful automation and team workflows to handle conversations on these channels with speed, transparency, and ease.

Need help with your chatbot project? Talk to BotStar experts to make exciting things happen.

Chatbot as your brand representative. 

Branding is important. Each brand should have a unique tone of voice when communicating with their customers. 

As surveyed by IBM, up to 99% businesses saw an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of using virtual agent technology. 

It proves that chatbot can help businesses deliver value to their customers while still keep them happy. 

To ensure your customers’ experience is consistent, you have full control of your chatbot’s appearance, and chatbot content. 

  • Rich media
  • Widget appearance
  • Full-page appearance
  • Icons
  • Emoticons
  • Use of sales, support, marketing.

Chatbot as an analyst & reporter

Don’t want to leave everything on “chatbot” hands? You can always have ways to keep an eye on your chatbot’s performance.

The simplest way to have a bird’s eye view over the business performance is to collect insights through your bot dashboard. Besides, you can define metrics to measure your chatbot’s effectiveness, or create a Survey flow to collect your customers’ feedback.

Here are metrics that may help you measure what matters most to your business:

  • FAQs triggered – What are the top asked questions during a certain time period?
  • User feedback rating – How happy are your customers? 
  • Human fallback triggered – How many times bot fails to answer a question? What type of question is that? 
  • And many more…

2. Are you ready to start building your first FAQ bot ? 

We can say, now, chatbot is the champion of customer experience initiatives across industries. So, don’t wait any longer!

We put a list of tips and tricks to create a great FAQ bot using BotStar in our next article. Upon finishing your reading, you’ll be able to determine the right strategy and to build a perfect FAQ chatbot.

Danis Do

Danis Do is the SEO Specialist at BotStar. His experience ranges from giant hospitality brands, famous health-care centers to tech startups. When not doing digital marketing, he’s sure to be enjoying some kind of nerdy time.