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Free Chatbot Templates from BotStar

Are you looking for a way to elevate the customer experience on your sites? Let’s improve the situation in a modern way using chatbots. 

For those who are still on the fence wondering what chatbots are, and why you need chatbots, make sure you read our beautiful post here.

To help you start off even faster, BotStar offers a huge collection of free chatbot templates for Websites and Facebook through our public Template Library. You can choose from many task-specific templates such as E-commerce, Customer Satisfaction, or Offline Form, all in one place.

🚀 Lead generation

💁‍♀️ Customer support

📝 Surveys & Quizzes 

✅ Automate product tours

🤝 HR & Recruitment

We also have chatbot templates for EU users. It’s completely free & compliant with new policies. Simply pick your favorite one to scale every part of your business!

1. Explore the best landing page chatbot templates 

Chatbot offers new and better ways to acquire, engage and retain customers on your websites. You can find in BotStar a wide variety of chatbot templates for landing pages to cover a variety of business use cases: 

Here is the top 5:

All chatbot Templates for websites are available here. And remember, this isn’t the final list. We’re working on releasing more to help you automate your business!

2. Explore Facebook Messenger chatbot templates

BotStar supports chatbots for both Facebook Messenger and Website with the built-one-deploy-many mechanism. So, if you’re looking for a Facebook Messenger chatbot template, all the above templates are available to use. 

All chatbot Templates for Facebook Messenger are available here.

3. Why use a chatbot template?

We’ll give you three good reasons:

Launch your chatbot in minutes. Templates are chatbot scenarios outlines that support the most common use cases. You can freely reuse the framework then edit it freely with your own business stories and purposes. That’s handy, isn’t it? 

Learn easily. People said that it’s wise to learn from the experience of others. Templates give you a bird’s eye view of the entire conversation flow, how it’s built and how an effective bot is organized. Doing this can help you quickly understand and better figure out how to build your own. 

It costs nothing. There are almost 75+ templates in our library—most designed by our internal team. If you try one out and it doesn’t quite fit what you need your bot to do, try another! No barriers and no payment required so you can feel right at home. 

If you lack experience in building chatbots or don’t have enough time to prepare your chatbot scenario from scratch, make use of BotStar templates.

4. How to access our bot templates

There are two ways to create a chatbot using available templates at BotStar. 

Through BotStar Template Library. 

What to do. 

✓ Visit the page here.

✓ Scroll down the page to pick your favorite

✓Click Preview

If you’re happy with what you see, click Clone and all’s done. 

Through BotStar App 

What to do. 

✓ Log into your BotStar account

✓ Click Create

✓ Click Preview the bot template before actually cloning it. 

✓ Click Clone and all is done. 

Now you have a beautiful, fully customizable, and ready to use for your business. 

5. Share the template with other people 

After finishing your chatbot project, it’s time to test the water. However, what to do if you: 

  • Don’t want to share the direct access to your bot on a “construction site”.
  • Not confident enough to publish it to your actual business website landing page
  • Don’t want to waste time creating a Facebook page and direct people to Messenger just to test the bot. 
  • Want to use the bot independently as a landing page

Just use our Sharelink feature. 

Simply click the Publish button, there will be a link generated. The Sharelink works perfectly as if you already publish it to your business pages. All the conversations and customer information are still saved in bot. 

6. Our Chatbot Templates Library Got You Covered!

Whether you are looking to optimize your lead gen strategy, boost your customer support efficiency, qualify leads, offer a choice to keep people on the sites longer… we have a template to help you quickly get started.

Business messaging has definitely gone global – and people’s interest is only growing. So have you. 

Get inspired to build a bot for your business using BotStar free live chat & chatbot.

Danis Do

Danis Do is the SEO Specialist at BotStar. His experience ranges from giant hospitality brands, famous health-care centers to tech startups. When not doing digital marketing, he’s sure to be enjoying some kind of nerdy time.