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Crush your Holiday Sales Revenue with BotStar Custom Chatbot Template

⚡️ Gearing up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Start reaping the benefits of having chatbots, quickly, easily and fully customizable thanks to Holiday Sales Chatbot powered by BotStar. ⚡️

1. Build your holiday sales chatbot quickly

A few days ago we showed you ways chatbots can help during the holiday sales. Today, we’ll share a prebuilt template that you can use to achieve your sales goals. 💥

It literally requires no effort to set up, so you can start creating a chatbot for your ecommerce all by yourself and see your work pay off throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This template is dedicated for ecommerce. Here are what it functions.

  • Prebuilt flows displaying your products and promotions
  • Offer customer service and answer product quizzes
  • Automate order processing and qualify leads.
  • Offer giveaways, abandoned-cart reminders, and more.

2. How to use BotStar Holiday Sales Chatbot Template

Find our bot templates in your BotStar app here, or go to BotStar template library, search for Holiday Sales chatbot > Preview > Clone. 

Starting with our bot template is simple! 😊

Edit the conversation flow content

Modifying the content in the blocks is necessary to create meaningful conversations with your customers and convey your business’s objectives.

Click on the template and click Clone. You’ll see a prebuilt flow with all the blocks already set up for you. All that’s left to do is to customize the content in the blocks to fit your business. 

You can use a template in its entirety, or add and delete any blocks all by yourself.

Let’s say you want to build a chatbot to sell decoration stuff. The pre-built flow is set up for selling clothes, you’ll just have to customize the text by clicking at the block and change everything in the right tab to your unique business, then you’ll be ready to go.

Update the promotions and product lists in bot in the CMS

Depending on your industry, your chatbot may need to contain a whole lot of content. That’s why BotStar’s got you covered with an effective CMS to keep all of your content in one place. 

Wondering what CMS is?

To cut it short, CMS (Content Management System) is where you put valuable content about the products and services you’re offering. It stays in the back and is not visible in the conversation flows, but you can always add or update your chatbot inside this CMS. The information will then be updated without messing up the bot flow.

Click the CMS tab


  1. You may have different promotions launched during this Black Friday season. Of the three fields available, click and change the description of each field. Click Save.
  1. Now, there will be a list of products that are available for each of the promotions. You will have to input it in the List of products. Simply click on each field and update the content, it will automatically reflect in the bot flow for your customers to view. 
  1. Add a tag for each product so it can only appear if your customers select the exact type of promotions. 

For example, in this Holiday Sales Chatbot template, we have 3 types of promotions:

  • Bestseller
  • 80% off
  • Limited offer

Upon adding the product list in the CMS, we assign one of these tags for each product to categorize them.

You can delete or add more products if necessary by clicking the button New item. 

Note: You’ll need to click “Save” anytime you make a change to the setting.

Take over the conversation with live chat

The entire process can be boiled down into using chatbot. But this doesn’t negate the fact that humans are still needed to handle more involved issues.

For those who are not able to find answers themselves or want direct support, we designed a button Contact admin through the conversation to make it easy to navigate and seek help whenever they want. You will be notified via email and can offer customers support service via our multichannel inbox immediately and never leave the customers on their own.

Want to work alongside the bot? Here is how to make it possible.
  1. Find the option Contact admin in the chatbot flow
  2. Insert your email address or contact of anyone you want to notify 
  3. Taking over the conversation with live chat upon receiving the request

Receive the orders & customer info via email

In BotStar, you’ll have many options to save and control data collected by bot (customers’ info, order information, etc.)

  • Save in Audience field
  • Save in Checkpoint
  • Send to operator email
  • Push data out to Google Sheet
  • Integrate with 3rd parties. 

We designed the flow to send all the data to your email, so let’s find the blocks Send emails to operators and insert your email address, chatbot will send the data to you each time a new order is processed. 

Once you’ve customized the content, here are your possible next steps:

  1. Change the bot name in the setting (Setting > General > Change Bot Name > Save)
  1. Change the welcome message that stays right on your site to welcome new customers (Setting > Behaviors > Greeting Messages > Save)
  1. Custom chatbot display to stay on brand (Bot Builder > Publish Configurations > Website > Appearances > Save ) (If you only need chatbot for Messenger then you can skip this. 

Once you’re done with the customization, now let’s set it live ! 🚀

Head to Publishing Configuration, click Messenger

  1. Assign Facebook Page 
  2. Assign permissions for BotStar
  3. Publish bot to website

Go to Publishing Configuration, click Website.

  1. Adding your website URL
  2. Choose the chatbot display mode 
  3. Copy the snippet code and paste on your website. 

Don’t forget to click Save

Hit the Publish button on the top right corner and all is set!

To sum up

Year-end is coming and consumers are in the mood to buy. If you want to capture sales and take full advantage of this holiday season, kick off now and convert them at scale to grant your  Black Friday holiday success.

Want a bot for your specific use cases? 

Visit our template page to find out what suits you best. 

Or, take a look at other things BotStar chatbot can do:

To explore more features and chatbot functions, visit our documentation page

Looking for assistance on building a chatbot for your business?

Contact our support team via support@botstar.com for further assistance or learn more about our special offers available with our Pro Plan.

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