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BotStar – The best visual chatbot platform with built-in support for coding

BotStar positions itself as a wholistic chatbot platform for everyone including your average Joe marketing guy, or your non-technical intern or even for yourself. We often boast about how it’s so easy to create a chatbot without any single line of code. But is it true? At BotStar, we realized that more often than not you need a bit of coding for your bot in order to build a smart and intuitive chatbot.

People often forget that BotStar has its roots in pure technical frustration. It was developed for the technical people by the nerdy co-founders; whom the whole marketing team has been trying to make sense out of (their geeky languages). BotStar is the only chatbot platform that lets you code while design. The Scripting Block and Action allow the execution of complex code from within the context of the chat flow; unlocking many possibilities.

In this new release, Scripting Block/Action have been significantly improved a lot. To be more specific, data within the event object has been re-organized with the redundant data fields being deprecated and introducing new fields. It’s also possible to insert variables from our new data system like variables, user attributes into the code snippet seamlessly

For more information about Scripting and how to utilize it in your chatbot, please visit our doc.


Jess P

Jess.P is a Content Creator at BotStar who is excited by creating read and watch content as much as she enjoys consuming it. In her spare-time, she can be found with a camera and notebook ready to document her surroundings.