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Build Your First FAQ Chatbot

Here comes the fun part — Build your first FAQ bot. 

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Even though so many people feel it easy to build their own chatbots, there are people who don’t feel at ease. That’s why most chatbot platforms offer pre built templates to make their journey as less painful as possible. 

In case you need, you could find a variety of chatbot templates, and completely free through BotStar. 

Once you’re able to pick your perfect chatbot template, simply load up your FAQs and start servicing your customers right away (Scroll down to find tips and tricks on how to create a smart FAQ chatbot).

These no-code chatbot templates are set up by the BotStar team. It is pre-built with a carefully selected set of vital features — nothing more, nothing less.

Need more than the pre-built features? Experts are here to help.

1. Build Your First FAQ Chatbot: Before You Start

Chatbots are the most dynamic and pleasant way to provide the information your customers need. However, no matter how comprehensive your FAQ chatbot is, you can’t rely on it completely. 

So when needed, use chatbot to point users to the right directions. 

For example, if your support staff usually need to deal with the kind of deep technical inquiries, or answers that carry heavy contents, you may need to have an FAQ page on your website. The process of searching for answers can feel less cumbersome for a lot of people.

With a question to the bot, customers get an answer in less than a second. They no longer have to search the FAQ page (which is often not very visible) or go through numerous topics before they get to what they want.

2. Build Your First FAQ Chatbot: Leverage your bot with Keywords 

Keywords are a clever way to automate common questions by creating triggers based on predefined lists of keywords. 

To do this, first you’ll create a data set or a word for the bot to track. Based on the conditions, an action will be triggered when that word or phrase comes up in conversation. 

Let’s see how to enable this in action and how it works in BotStar. 

To create Keywords in your BotStar account, head to Bot Builder, you’ll see the Keyword option on the left: 

Click the button +New Keyword Set in the upper right corner.

In BotStar App, when the Keyword is created, you can define a certain automated message to a certain Keyword rules – Click “New Keyword” to create a new set.

Select “Write new response” to create new inputs. 

Or Select Existing Block to trigger a block in the bot flow everytime that new keyword is matched.

As soon as someone types the Keyword in a dialogue with your bot – the message you’ve set up is fired to the user.

You can also attach additional actions to the Keyword. Your bot, your rules

If you want to assign multiple Keywords for one Rule, choose the condition “Message is one of” and make sure to separate keywords with commas:

BotStar also lets you train your bots not only with single keywords but long phrases and sentences.

3. Build Your First Chatbot: Conditional Logic

Supposing that your customers are able to get the answer they need with bot, you of course don’t want them to leave after that. You may don’t want to miss the opportunity to educate potential customers who are exploring your product or service.

Fortunately, you can set up flow conditions to determine your customers next action accordingly.

Conditions are created each time a connector is created. 

Click on each connector you draw, you’ll see a list of conditional logics. You could always use these conditions to flexibly design FAQ chatbot’s flow, so you are able to give customers the exact answers. 

Above is the example of how we use it for FAQ flow at one of BotStar chatbots. You can define the condition. If customers type “S” size, bot will show them the items list that have “S” size available. 

BotStar does an amazing job at providing a full set of conditions required by the majority of bot builders. You can utilize that and create super smart bots, or complex calculations. 

4. Build Your First FAQ Chatbot: Build and train a smarter chatbot by using Dialogflow

Recently, FAQ chatbots have developed significantly with the introduction of products such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. 

No technical experience is required to enhance your BotStar bot with this conversational AI from Google, so you can answer a visual assistant to answer FAQ on your behalf. 

BotStar makes this popular technology accessible to every small business in the world. For the complete guide on how to build NLP-enhanced BotStar bots click here.

To fully explore how to use this top powerful AI conversion tool, please visit Google Dialogflow How-to.

5. Sales, support, marketing – Do it all with chatbots!

Happily enough, that is tips and tricks to build an FAQ bot to reduce your customer support costs, close more leads and boost revenue, and delight your customers 24×7.

Your salespeople and customer support staff free up resources to solely focus on closing transactions —  increase customer satisfaction, handle only highly complex questions that need human intervention. 

Build your first FAQ bot with BotStar.

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