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Build the Perfect Chatbot with BotStars Recent Updates

Does my business need chatbots? You may ask yourself this question at least once if you’re running online businesses.

As you probably already know, people have been using chatbot to streamline their customer support, automate digital marketing and pre-sales processes. Chatbots save businesses tons of time and money, cut down costs, and increase profits through messaging channels at the same time.

“People prefer online purchase and we all know about the explosion of messaging. Buyers are more likely to buy from and engage more with a business they can message. We have to go to where the customers are”

It’s time to ask yourself other questions: How can I successfully build and implement one? What could be the best chatbot platform out there? Scanning through this blog may help you find the answers.

We’ve been trying hard to develop a perfect platform for building a chatbot. Our 6-month recent updates allow you to develop your chatbot in an excellent way.

Consider the following before you decide whether it’s worth giving BotStar a try!

1. Say Hey Through Chatbots — at Any Time of Day with Greeting Message

When analyzing our customers’ experiences, we found two biggest obstacles most people face when running online business:

– Fail at engaging visitors browsing on their website
– Low visitor-turn-to-customer rate on company’s sites

From now on, you can have a BotStar chatbot show up on your website with a simple prompt – I’m a business assistant. Would love to chat with me to clear all your questions?

When visitors start noticing and click on the bot, that’s when you take a step closer to convert that visitor to your customer.

It’s good at drawing visitors’ attention and triggering the initial steps of the marketing process – Turning cool leads into hot leads.

Once the bot is able to capture visitors’ attention and trigger the conversation, make sure you offer new visitors valuable content and a good messaging experience. From then, you can start building a closer relationship and keep visitors stay on the side as long as possible. At the end of the day, it’s all about conversation experiences that make them stay.

2. Intelligent Chatbots Transform The Way Services Are Delivered

At some points, chatbots may get stuck in a loop after not being able to look for certain pre-determined answers to send back responses, making you repeat your question over and over again.

It must be one of the most frustrating experiences.

Even though chatbots give you the peace of mind that you can provide fast and accurate customer service 24/7 without the need for an employee to work around the clock, applying it to simplify tasks is not enough. You should consider firsthand the importance of making a smart chatbot that can handle different types of customers’ inquiries.

It is really hard to get right for a machine since people ask for information in various different ways.

This is when NPL comes in.

BotStar allows you to combine elements of Dialogflow – a powerful NLP service – to your bot flow without any technical knowledge required. Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that helps translate human language into computer language and vice versa. It also goes a step further to understand a conversation that it hasn’t been trained to understand, which makes it a great fit for chatbots.

Using Dialogflow, you can model your chatbot after the human brand. They can handle even more complex inquiries, free forms messages from your customers, and provide you with new and engaging ways for users to interact with your business.

As people are move on to more engaged companies in a wink of an eye, failing to provide a smooth conversation for your visitors may cost your business a fortune.

3. The Better You Handle The Data, The More Powerful The Customer Result

Why are collecting and managing customer data important to supporting businesses to succeed?

The situation

In today’s competitive market, businesses can no longer just create advertising campaigns a few times a year and run them across online sites, or keeps customers updated with a few updates on social networks. To succeed in this digital space, you have to build and nurture relationships with your customers via message and email marketing. Note that everyone loves good customer service, where they’re truly cared for and paid attention to.

Most larger companies have already figured out smart ways to collect data and implement their own CRM. However, S&M businesses have been struggling to find a tool to properly collect and manage customer information.

BotStar Benefits

Thanks to chatbots, large and small businesses are able to easily gather customer data and store them using Google Sheet. It is considered as the most simple, convenient, and cost-saving way.
The key is to deploy the right technology and know-how to use it.

BotStar Google Sheet integrations allow you to automatically push data out and retrieve data during a conversation between users and bot.

As mentioned, BotStar chatbot activates on the site 24/7 and helps collect basic information. It then records all interactions with visitors. User responses are saved in bot or automatically update in your Google Sheet file in real-time, thus managing and applying data.

No one likes to answer the same question (or questions) over and over again. By integrating your chatbot with Google Sheet, it can, based on trigger points, send a request to your gg sheet file. Then the chatbot scans your sheet file by looking back on a customer’s data record you hold over time and sends back a response.

BotStar allows you to integrate with Google Sheet independently without replying or paying any fee for middle services.

With BotStar, you can avoid manual data entry. It automates your workflow with things like delivering coupons/ discounts to specific customers, collecting survey data, or showing test scores to students.

Take a look at this document to learn how to connect your BotStar Account to Google Sheets, and transfer your user’s data back and forth without a single line of code.

4. Feed Your Chatbot with Real Data

You have a Facebook page with thousands of subscribers but never actually used a chatbot before.

You decided that you needed to implement one, but don’t know how to sync up these existing data. Or you want to switch to BotStar from another platform but afraid of losing the old contacts?

Here is our Import Audience feature which will blow these barriers away.

  • With only a single click, without any third-party tools, you can now start importing your existing Facebook audiences into BotStar. This helps nurture existing contacts within your funnel and create retargeting campaigns to generate high-quality new leads.
  • You can easily find this feature under the Facebook page Assignment whenever you connect a new page to your bot. Apart from the audience data, a small portion of the previous conversation will be imported into BotStar as well.

5. A ”Better” Easy to Use Chatbot Platform

Businesses realize the power of chatbots as useful digital tools across multiple industries. However, implementing an AI chatbot system sometimes requires certain technical knowledge, which may make you end up giving up on it.

At BotStar, we not only care about your user experience with a bot but also your experience with the platform as a bot builder.

With the aim of building a platform for both tech and non-tech people, BotStar is designed as a true visual chatbot platform for everybody where WYSIWYG. Our drag-and-drop and centralized editor gives users a bird eye’s view on everything they’re working on, which is perfect for beginners.

We’ve been trying to do a better job every day for the last 6 months. If you’ve just revisited BotStar after a while, you can see a bunch of changes to the interface to give you an even better experience.

  • We have added editor shortcuts to save your time while building bots. You can now quickly do things that would normally require multiple clicks such as Copy/Cut/Paste, Undo Actions, Zoom in/ Out, and more.
  • We have improved UI/UX to make it easy to design a conversation that tells your stories, grows your customers and sells products.
  • Implement a new onboarding process and enhance the documentation page to make it easier for first time users.

Final thoughts

If you’re seeking a chatbot that isn’t complicated to set up, don’t hesitate to give BotStar a try!

These are just a few fancy things behind our latest updates. Rush to get on the platform and see what we have to offer.

Stay tuned. We’ll come back very soon with more exciting things!


Krystal D

Krystal.D is the Growth Marketer at BotStar working with businesses to stimulate their growth through conceptualizing, implementing, and optimizing marketing strategies. In her free time, she is a hug fan of her cats and swimming pools.