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Build Better Chatbots Faster with BotStar Quick Chatbot Templates!

We’re excited to launch 10 new quick bot templates designed for different use cases. This helps you start using chatbots to grow your business easily within minutes. You can freely reuse them, customize, combine or treat as an inspiration to your own chatbot stories.

Check out what’s inside new bot templates and pick the best template for your business now!

1. Order Chatbot – An online Order taking method that helps you boost your sales

Order taking bot is a simple bot that helps you reduce time in supporting your customers, especially when there are many people approach your page and you don’t have enough time to check it all. This bot can introduce your products with beautiful images, save customers’ information and orders in one place via checkpoint. It helps you deal with customers without making them wait or miss any orders.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/order-chatbot

2. Weather Chatbot – Predict the weather in the next 30 hours

Weather bot can help you predict the weather forecast in the next 30 hours and see an example of how to connect your chatbot with the third-party using Scripting Block.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/weather-chatbot

3. Simple application Chatbot – Talk with candidates and collect their applications

The application bot is designed to help you save the candidates’ information in a professional way; replies quickly to candidates. This application bot can not only help your candidates know the employer has received their application but also improve the recruitment process.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/simple-application-chatbot

4. Schedule Appointment Chatbot – Schedule your customer appointment online

Booking an appointment, save customer’s information, right inside your service’s page easily and quickly within a chatbot, could be a solution that boosts your customer booking experience. You can easily manage customer’s bookings, all the information in one place via checkpoint.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/schedule-appointment-chatbot

5. Lead retrieval Chatbot – Capture your potential customer’s information and boost your sales

Internet is a great resource to collect new potential Leads. Lead retrieval bot chatbot could be a great method to optimize that resource. This bot can help you ask leads’ mail to send them monthly newsletters, collect user’s information right away during the conversation when they chat with your page or website without paying extra money to hold an event, hire new staff to manage customer information. Everything will be saved in Checkpoint.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/lead-retrieval-chatbot

6. Make a donation Chatbot – Talk to donors and engage a conversation with them

“Make a donation bot” is a useful method for those who have a kind heart and want to make a donation to create a positive impact on society. This bot can help you show the donation policy, capture donors’ information and keep donors updated about their donation to build trust with your donors.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/make-a-donation-chatbot

7. Return order Chatbot – Design a bot to help you return a product to your inventory quickly

For e-commerce sellers, returns are consistent sources of profit-sapping frustration. So the “Return Order Template” is important to take every effort to reduce them and a simple chatbot can make a major difference. For business, this bot template can give out the business policy in return order and respond quickly without making the customer wait and reduce the cost for your support assistants. For the customer, they will feel please cause they can receive the answer correctly and quickly and may consider their decision again.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/return-order-chatbot

8. Greeting Chatbot – Create a warm greeting to anyone who messages your business page

This template is designed to start a conversation with a warm greeting, a bit of basic information to orient the user, and options to engage and further the conversation. “Greeting Bot” is the key factor to create a good first impression for your customers.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/greeting-chatbot

9. Feedback Chatbot – Improve your customer service and boost sales

Customer feedback helps improve products/ services and measure customer satisfaction. A Feedback Bot leverages the power of conversational interfaces to help you better understand what your customers think about your products and services.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/feedback-chatbot

10. Contact us Chatbot – Keep in touch with your customers

This quick template will help you save customer information and inquiries to keep them updated and enhance their experiences. It helps you turn your users into potential leads without missing any customer by saving customer information to Checkpoint.

Check it out: https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/contact-us-chatbot

We have many more powerful chatbot templates coming up soon. Stay tuned!


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