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Is It Free To Build A Facebook Messenger Bot ?

Nowadays, with the increasing tech-savvy customers & companies around the world, it’s for a business to maintain a successful business without establishing some sort of digital transformation like chatbots. Many platforms allow you to build an online chatbot and get started for FREE, so you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to have one. And one of the low-cost ways to get started is by learning how to build a Facebook Messenger bot.

In this article, we’ll start by answering “Is it free to build a Messenger Chatbot?” question in a DIY approach for non-techies, then, we’ll discover how Facebook Messenger can help you change the way consumers interact with your brand, increasing customer satisfaction and monetizing your digital platforms at the same time.

1. Is it free to build a Facebook Messenger Bot (a.k.a Facebook chatbot)?

Yes, you can build a Free Facebook chatbot and also embed it to your Website with BotStar. Just follow these simple five steps can help to set up and publish your online BotStar bot:

  1. Create a chatbot: First set up a BotStar account. After you log into your account, click the Create a New bot button to begin the journey.
  2. You can choose a template to edit or create a blank chatbot from scratch. Enter a name for the chatbot and start building your bot flow.
  3. Optimizing the settings and creating Q/As to train your bot.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with your bot, select an existing Facebook page to connect to your BotStar chatbot.
  5. Click Publish and done, your Facebook chatbot is ready to use. 

2. How to Properly Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Your Business?

It’s no surprise that Facebook Messenger plays a vital role in your business as it can perform all kinds of tasks that usually require human touch — everything from offering real-time support, generating leads to even re-engage customers! In this part, let’s break down best-in-class ways that you can leverage Facebook Messenger bots for you business:

3. Promote your business through Facebook Messenger Ads

Running a Facebook advertising using chatbot enables the customer to instantly start the conversation with your bot by clicking on the button with CTA. Naturally getting in touch with customers makes them feel safer when using your services or buying your product then increases your chances of closing a deal. 

Let’s imagine, you open a new store and want people to get to know about your business. You can run a targeted advertisement on Facebook that gives first-time customers a discount code. You may add a CTA button such as, Send a message or Get a discount or any sort of similar actions. And after that, a chatbot will directly reach out to them and send promo codes to people who clicked on your ad.  

4. Sell products online using chatbots.

Facebook Messenger equips e-commerce brands with all necessary tools required to offer customized shopping experiences that makes the whole buying process happen on the chatbot. 

Setting up a Facebook Messenger bot for your E-commerce store will allow customers to view your product catalogs, get customer support, complete the payment, get personalized recommendations straight from your Messenger bot. 

5. Notify customers about special offers

One of the key features of Messenger Marketing is the ability to broadcast hyper-personalized messages to your chatbot subscribers. Send your customers exclusive deals, coupons, and promo codes via Facebook Messenger will let you see high open rates compared to the email marketing methods.

6. Response automatically for general inquiries on Facebook Post.

Engaging with your Facebook community is key to getting leads from your social to your time and cost-efficiency. If you promote your products or services via your Facebook page, you likely get a lot of similar questions about prices, delivery, services, or discounts. Setting up an auto-reply chatbot for such comments can shorten the customer journey and help your potential customers make their final decisions. You can also set up automatic replies to user comments, or private messages, based on specific triggers such as keywords or entire phrases.

7. Streamline your bookings and appointments

Are you running a dental office and wondering how to automate frequent processes? A Facebook Messenger bot can set them up for you. Customers can book and confirm appointments in your name. They can also ask questions about symptoms (questions and information provided by a professional) and then schedule an appointment while referring the patient to a particular dentist.

Whether it’s making a hotel reservation, schedule demo appointments, or even book a restaurant table, you can set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot to streamline the task.

8. Get valuable customer feedback online

Customer feedback is a powerful resource that serves as a guiding resource for the growth of your company. You can collect feedback and opinions on your customers through the strategic use of surveys, polls, etc using chatbot. After that, Facebook Messenger bots can provide a gamut of insight about product/service and improve customer relationships while providing actionable for your business.

9. Convert visitors into leads with Messenger Chat Plugin.

To help convert visitors into leads, you can add the Facebook Messenger customer chat widget to your site and give people the option to subscribe to your Messenger/Newsletter, deliver lead magnets, or refer relevant links to useful content while they wait for an agent response. 

Krystal D

Krystal.D is the Growth Marketer at BotStar working with businesses to stimulate their growth through conceptualizing, implementing, and optimizing marketing strategies. In her free time, she is a hug fan of her cats and swimming pools.