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BotStar released 11 brand new templates

We have released 11 new chatbot templates and also updated all the existing 40 templates to use the latest BotStar technologies as well. This means we now have more than 50 templates in total for you to use in your bot projects. More bot templates will be added in the near future!

Let’s check them out:

1. Recruiting Assistant Chatbot: Change the way your business interacts with your potential candidates (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/recruiting-assistant-chatbot)

2. Food & Beverage Chatbot: Bring professional F&B services to enhance customer experiences (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/food-beverages-chatbot)

3. Consulting Agency Bot: Provide brand development tools that shape your connection to your audience (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/consulting-agency-chatbot)

4. Chatbot for Churches: Reaching new guests and retaining loyal guests that will grow your community over many years (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/church-chatbot)

5. Chatbot for Insurance: Help insurance companies convert lead generation into loyal clients (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/insurance-chatbot)

6. Travel Agency Bot: Let travel agency support their potential online customers with everything they need to know for a trip as a personal assistant (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/travel-agency-chatbot)

7. Chatbot for Local Businesses: Support to sell their products or their services easily to the online customers (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/local-business-chatbot)

8. Plastic Surgery Chatbot: Find the Plastic Surgery services that fit for your customers and books an appointment online quickly (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/plastic-surgery-chatbot)

9. Multi-Level Marketing Chatbot: Improve your Multi-level Marketing and engage prospects by an online strategy (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/multi-level%20marketing-chatbot)

10. Pet Services Chatbot: Transform the way you care for your pet (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/pet-services-chatbot)

11. Chatbot Agency: Create Automated Conversation that Drives Leads & Sales on Messenger and Website (https://templates.botstar.com/chatbot-template/chatbot-agency)

Join us and experience our new templates!


Jess P

Jess.P is a Content Creator at BotStar who is excited by creating read and watch content as much as she enjoys consuming it. In her spare-time, she can be found with a camera and notebook ready to document her surroundings.