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BotStar Is Now Officially Available On Integromat!

As many of you may know, BotStar chatbot can be integrated with your online favorite app through Integromat. Today, we are super happy to announce the launch of BotStar support for Integromat: Our collaboration is official now!

1. Integromat Overview

Integromat is a service that integrates your data across applications and services, which helps automate processes that you frequently handle manually.

You can create a scenario in Integromat and connect your BotStar account to create automation across different platforms.

2. Why BotStar x Integromat?

Your BotStar chatbot receives a huge amount of orders from hundreds of customers, especially on promotional days. Managing customer data can be exhausting and time consuming, not to mention errors contained.  

Integromat support in BotStar allows you to connect to your operating apps, without writing a single line of code. It helps you manage customer data easier and more efficiently.

For example, display the data in Google Sheet through Integromat Webhook, or keep track of the customers in Hubspot CRM. 

3. What are BotStar triggers and actions supported?

As of this point, we are supporting the following 5 trigger events listed below. There will be more coming in the near future. Should you need any other new triggers on our Integromat listing, feel free to contact us.

  • New Checkpoint – Triggers when creating a new checkpoint record
  • New Subscriber – Triggers when a user subscribes to receive broadcast messages
  • Updated User Attribute – Triggers when a specified User Attribute has been added or updated audience
  • New Request for Human Takeover – Triggers when a user requests to contact a human operator/ live agent
  • New Tag on User – Triggers when a new tag is added to a user

4. Getting Started!

Visit our docs on how to use Integromat with BotStar to learn more about the feature and supported triggers. 

Get started now to enjoy a smooth workflow with BotStar x Integromat!

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