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5 Industries That Need To Implement Chatbots

Chatbot is a computer platform that mimics conversations with people according to a designed flow.

1. Amazing Chatbot Statistics

Nowadays, chatbots can be found in many businesses starting by answering simple questions to managing orders or payments. According to Forbes, over 1.2 billion people interact with chatbots on Facebook Messenger every month. 

Let’s take a look at some statistics:

·      82% chat users think that 24/7 service with instant responses are very important when contacting a brand. (Business 2 Community).

·      40% of customers don’t care whether they are served by a chatbot or a live agent, as long as they get what they need. (HubSpot).

·      At BotStar, 90% of executives said that chatbots bring significant ROI with minimal investment. (BotStar).

·   Giant brands, such as British Airways, LinkedIn or eBay are using chatbots in 2020. (Business Insider).

·      80% of buyers who have experienced chatbots report their experience as positive.  (Uberall).

·      It costs over $1.3 trillion per year for businesses spending on customer services. Chatbots could reduce that cost by 30% (IBM)

2. Top 5 Industries That Benefit From Chatbots 

Today, we would like to go over 5 industries which have gained huge benefits from applying chatbots on their websites and Facebook pages: 

·       Real Estate

·       Finance

·       Travel

·       Healthcare

·       Education


Health is one of the busiest industries of all time. Recently, we are facing the Covid 19 pandemic when many people go online to check for its symptoms. Chatbots are used by many hospitals and governments to update the current number of cases to their citizens. It is not only suitable for the social distancing rule but also brings a very fast response to all chat users. 

For example, chat users may choose their symptoms from quick replies. Then, chatbot could lead them to contact a hot line or a health care staff. 


Many financial firms are experiencing chatbots for general customer service to supply information; and up-sell with some new financial services for their prospects. Chat users or financial customers may check their status of loan applications or stock portfolios with a chatbot. By going through a designed conversation, prospects could figure out how their financial status is at the moment. 

In addition, chatbots are able to provide 24/7 support, fraud detection in a short period of time. It could be fast, efficient and more cost-effective than human agents. It is estimated that the reducing cost of using chatbots will reach 7.3 billion USD by 2023. 

No surprise that there are more and more banks, insurance, and financial companies are using chatbots as an essential part of their customer service team. 


Tourism industry includes airlines, booking agencies, tour companies and accommodation firms. It is said that 80% of customer requests can be done by chatbots

Bots for airlines, trains, hotels can make recommendations, show prices, accept bookings and complete payments. By asking travelers some questions about their preferences, a tour agency can put together entire trip packages. Whatever aspect of travelling your business covers could be handled, or at least supported in some ways by a chatbot. 

84% of travelers use online booking which is not a very surprising rate in our savvy technological era. According to Huxley’s survey, 87% of them want to interact with a bot to find out the best deal for their accommodation. 


Real Estate

Like other good funnels, it’s broader on the top than the spout for the same reason: you are better to capture a higher number of people early in their real estate journey. This guarantees a specific number of clients weeks or months down the road. 

Clearly, more and more buyers are starting their journey by doing research online. Thanks to the bot, you may collect basic information from these leads and contact them back later. Chat bot can save up to 30% of customer service cost, according to The App solutions. Besides, chat users would get an immediate answer regardless of time.


Instead of repeating the same answers for the same questions coming from many students and parents, chatbots can be a powerful virtual assistant for teachers and administrative departments. To be more specific, you may assign the bot with these tasks:

·      Proactive reminders of an assignment deadline, give enrolled instructions. Chatbots could also answer some questions related to fees and financial aid programs, such as grants, scholarships, loans and standard fees info. For example: “How can I get a scholarship?”, “When is the deadline to enroll in PE class?”. 

Besides, in some special occasions like the Covid 19 pandemic, chatbots would be a huge help to update announcements to students and their family. Once students come back to school, questions about health, school protective gear are likely to rise in number. You may think of concerns like: “Should I wear a mask in class?”.

·      Acting like an instant tutor. Setting up a flow in which there are lessons and quizzes could bring a new way to support students outside of the classroom. As a result, using bots will increase engaging studying experience. Instead of reading a textbook, students could have some fun with the quiz which includes images and videos from their teachers. 

It is said that 99% students are satisfied with chatbot experience and 63% of them are looking forward to seeing chatbots integrated into their classes. (Acquire).

3. Why Do You Need A Chatbot?

If you are looking for a tool to save time, boost sales, cut costs and delight customers, you are in the right place! Now, please allow me to dig a little deeper into the reasons why your business needs a chatbot.

Unlike your customer success staff who need to take rest, chatbots could work 24/7. If your staff is spending countless time getting back to chat users on the Messenger, chatbots could be a very great match made in heaven for you. In fact, it could answer up to 80% of routine concerns. So, thanks to that help, your staff could focus on other tasks to build better customer relationships. 

Okay, let’s see how chatbots could reduce cost! Even though the chatbot works constantly, it doesn’t ask for an overtime salary. You just need to spend a small fee monthly for this type of artificial assistants. 

Now, let’s say you are running Facebook ads. You don’t need to worry about the workload from the big number of messages coming from the ads. With chatbots, after chat users click on the message ads, the conversation will be taken care smoothly down to the sales funnel.

The more you know about prospects, the more you could win them as your customers. Chatbots are able to collect leads by several simple questions. Later on, you could offer a suitable solution to meet the demand of customers. 

As a result, chat users will have a more delightful experience with the assistance of bots.  

4. Free – No Coding Skills Required Chatbots

At BotStar, you are very welcome to build a chatbot in a short period of time – for free – no coding skills required. If you are not interested in building a bot from scratch, let’s check out the 75+ free templates right here. With just several clicks, you could clone a template and start to edit it to have your own chatbot.

1. Click Create a New Bot.

2. Choose a template you need.

3. Select Preview to preview the template before you decide to use it.

4. Click on the Clone This Template button and start setting up the bot. You can name your bot, select the primary language, bot timezone and greeting Message.

5. Click on the Create Bot button to to start editing the chosen template.

After that, you may follow steps from this doc to publish the bot on a website or Facebook page. 

Keep in mind that the best chatbot is a simple one that is useful for customers and allows you to automate repetitive tasks, so you and your team could focus on scaling the business faster.

What are you waiting for? Let’s create chatbot automations now!

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