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2020 BotStar In Review

Can you remember a year more life-changing than 2020?

This time last year, concepts such as “lockdowns”, “wearing masks” or “social distancing” were almost unknown to us. Little did we know that these words are now a part of our life as the whole world has undergone a huge transformation: The Covid 19 pandemic has turned the way we work, learn, buy things and socialize upside down.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and triggered changes in online shopping behaviors. Quarter 2 online sales in the US achieved $200.72 billion, up 44.4% year over year. According to Adobe, a record of $10.8 billion was spent online by the end of Cyber Monday, making it the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.

⏲️ 2020 is weird, we can say, but a good thing is it’s coming to an end. As we take a look back, we wanted to share some of our favorite highlights in this review post and what we will work on next year.

1. BotStar started off 2020 strong as the best seller in AppSumo

After 2 years of developing our products, we were ready to launch in AppSumo – the largest software deals marketplace with over 1.5 million subscribers in early this February. Appearing on this platform as the seller was such a big honor to us since we wanted to test the customers’ reaction and see how our products fit into the market needs.

Preparation for this project took us about 3 months to complete, and this time, nights felt like days. Our hard work did pay off with impressive results: $550,000 in total sales within one month, making BotStar become the best seller on AppSumo. This came as a total surprise, but truly a worthy reward for all of our dedicated staff, and you.

Read the full story of our growth hacking journey at AppSumo here

2. We helped hundreds of businesses during a hard time

The success we got from AppSumo has driven us robustly to keep following our path: Help more businesses automate their work and deliver high-quality service. 

In 2020, BotStar products have reached 12,000 new customers. Nearly 44,000 chatbots were created and more than 4.6 million conversations were generated.

We are super happy to bring BotStar close to you all and let it help you during the pandemic. Many businesses across different industries are using BotStar in a variety of ways to serve their customers while staying in line with the lockdown regulations. 

  • In the education sector, BotStar chatbot has helped Process Doctors Academy – an educational institution based in the Philippines to provide information to homebound students, check schedules, and book the course for online learning.
  • In the psychology field, local universities have used BotStar to help students overcome mental health issues including stress, anxiety, and depression during quarantine by sharing stories, providing tips, and referring to a professional if needed.
  • We, at BotStar, are proud to see our interactive tools could help navigate and improve the response to the pandemic not only for business owners but also for society. SAM – NCOV chatbot built by a marketing agency called Whiz together with the Philippine National Healthcare Organization enabled public authorities to provide information to people on everything from symptoms tracking, medical analysis to treatment recommendation. 

The chatbot aided 5000 users and resolved 2000+ queries, reducing congestion in the crisis hotline. It was granted a reward from the local government for its support during the pandemic.

Thank you for trusting us and using our products. We look forward to more customers and more working relationships in the coming year!

3. We’ve set more than 80 features live

2020 saw tremendous growth in terms of BotStar product expansion. This year, we launched 80+ new features based on BotStar users’ feedback and trends.

Below are some key features we released in 2020:

Wait, that’s it? Of course NO. We’ve upgraded a bunch of features, from Scripting Block, Broadcast, and Comment Trigger, and fixed bugs in the app. 

There is a list of features that are requested, and we’ll definitely continue to work hard to meet your needs in 2021 and beyond.

4. We hit 97% customer satisfaction

This 2020, our customer support team handled significantly more issues than ever before. Specifically, we received and successfully addressed 3 times as many lead volumes and customer volumes as we had before. BotStar customer satisfaction reached 97% this year!

Other stats:

  • Replied to 3807 Live Chat conversations
  • Resolved 5600 Tickets
  • Handled 1600 Sales Inquiry Emails
  • Reached 3200 Community Member

5. BotStar team is getting bigger, and stronger

Not only did we see improvements in our business, but we also had some exciting personal updates from our BotStar team. We were thrilled to expand our team exponentially, as we welcomed 14 new members in total: 9 full-time staff and 5 interns.

As our team becomes bigger, we hope to bring our products to the next level, deliver high quality and up-to-expectation services. 

🏷️ And that’s all for 2020 BotStar. As we’re stepping into the new year, here are what we’ll focus on in 2021:

  • Elaborate chatbot functionality
  • Leverage omnichannel strategies
  • Focus on chat and conversations (Just a sneak peek: Live Chat is on the way 😉)

2020 is ending soon, and we can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store. To all of our customers, thank you so much! Your support, feedback, and dedication are what have helped us keep fighting to improve our product and company this year. We look forward to sharing major product announcements with you in 2021. Happy New Year 🥂

Danis Do

Danis Do is the SEO Specialist at BotStar. His experience ranges from giant hospitality brands, famous health-care centers to tech startups. When not doing digital marketing, he’s sure to be enjoying some kind of nerdy time.